Courses and Syllabi

2024-25 Course Outline and Syllabi

Fall Syllabi

JSL (Japanese for Speakers of Other Languages)
1001 JSL Level 1
1002 JSL Level 2
1003 JSL Level 3
1004 JSL Level 4
1005 JSL Level 5
JSP (Japanese For Specific Purposes)
1011 Osaka Dialects (大阪弁) R. Masuda
1012 Reading Comprehension and Writing Skills(読解・作文) M. Yuki
1013 Topics on Japan(日本事情) M. Fukui
1050 Japanese Communication Skills(日本語会話) C. Sanford
JSC (Japanese Studies Classes)
1034 Japanese Business Culture and Practice J. Kirihara
1035 The Power of Japanese Pop Culture Y. Kanemura
1041 Labor, Gender and Society in Japan A. Takahashi
1042 Japanese Economic System Y. Karavasilev
2051 Japanese Society and Culture M. Mesropyan
1045 Japanese Visual Art: Theory and Practice M. Mostafanezhad


Past Course Outline and Syllabi

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