Useful Links

Useful web site links about Japan


Japan Guide

Information on work and study in Japan, as well as accommodation and everyday life matters such as transportation, shopping and finance.

Japan Zone

Information for newcomers to Japan on issues such as visas, transportation and accommodation, basic Japanese language and also employment prospects for those staying more long term.

Hiragana Times

Information on living in Japan, hotels, housing, international parties and making local friends.

Home Stay

A tutorial for going through the process of becoming familiar with Japanese culture in a homestay setting

Japanese Education

Japan Guide

An overview of the development of the education system since 1868. Additionally, links to other sites on different types of education in Japan such as home schooling education, life in Japanese schools and daily activities in Japanese high schools.

Education in Japan

Information on all aspects of Japanese education from school curriculum to school culture and education statistics.

Japanese Business

Nikkei Asian Review

A site providing links, for a fee, to current affairs in business and information on companies, as well as information on the Japanese markets.


A government-related organization providing information on trade and investment for potential investors in Japan.

Japanese Economics

Japan Center for Economic Research

An economic think-tank, which provides useful information on domestic economics in Japan as well as global economic interests.

Cabinet Office

The website of the Japanese government cabinet office which provides statistics, business and the gross domestic product, as well as economic surveys, economic monthly reports, food safety, and fiscal and monetary policies.

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