Career Planning Calendar

Preparation period

  • July, junior year: First career planning guidance; overall information provided on job search planning, Career Counseling Center use, and current job market situation; report meetings by successful candidates organized.
  • October, junior year: Second career planning guidance; professional aptitude test and self-analysis.

Information period

  • November, junior year: Third career planning guidance; mock job employment examinations conducted; instruction offered in effective use of the Internet and newspapers.
  • December, junior year: Fourth career planning guidance; instruction offered in basics of visits to companies and alumni, appointment making and essay writing; career orientation surveys and information meetings for parents.
  • January, junior year: Narrowing down of target trades or companies and prioritization; competence tests; enriching self-knowledge with regard to career planning; active individual support, including counseling.

Activity period

  • February, junior year: Trade seminars organized; attendance at joint corporate information meetings related to information journals and individual corporate information meetings; direct approach to target companies, including contact with personnel affairs division; visits to companies and alumni; document preparation; employment examinations; last-minute guidance; entry sheet completion and job interview pointers.
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