Faculty and Staff

Director of International Center

Tamotsu Nakano
Professor Tamotsu Nakano

"The world is big; Kyoto is deep." With these words, I host a weekly 15-minute program on FM radio in Kyoto, Japan. After 800 episodes, this opening remains unchanged. I deeply admire the way Ryoma Sakamoto lived, and after university graduation, I spent roughly 20 years working in the Middle East, Australia, Europe, and the U.S. at institutions like the United Nations and the Brookings Institution. I'm dedicated to supporting OGU students in their journey to embrace the world through their global and unique endeavors. The world offers "unlimited possibilities." My life is my message.

Japanese Faculty Members

Ryosuke Masuda
Classes Advanced Level
Interests Listening to music, Reading books
Traveled to Vietnam
Message “OGUで楽しく日本語を勉強しましょう。お会いするのを楽しみにしています。”
Let's have fun studying Japanese at OGU. I'm looking forward to seeing you!
Misa Fukui
Classes Upper Intermediate Level
-Taught Japanese in Latvia for 4 years
-Worked in New Zealand for 8 months
Message "頑張って勉強するならぜひ来てください。"
If you study hard, by all means please come to OGU.
Miho Yuki
Classes Intermediate Level
Interests Eating out, Traveling
Message "いろいろなことを経験する良いチャンスです。ここ大阪の地で楽しみながら学んでください。"
This is a good chance to have new experiences. Enjoy studying in Osaka!

International Center Staff

Masafumi Shibutani
Head of International Center
Midori Hatanaka
Outbound Program Coordinator
Tao Meng
Inbound Short-Term Japanese Program Coordinator
Yuki Goda
Inbound Exchange Program Coordinator
Natsumi Onda
Outbound Exchange Program Coordinator
Takahisa Aoki
Outbound Short-Term Program Coordinator
Rei Shoda
English Program Coordinator for OGU Student
An Pham
Inbound Exchange Program Coordinator
Dawn Springer
Inbound Exchange Program Coordinator
Takako Kanazawa
Administrative Staff
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