International Studies

Faculty of International Studies

Fostering global citizens to live in multicultural settings with a great awareness of international issues.

The Faculty of International Studies aspires to foster a work force with an understanding of movements on the world stage and its current state. A work force that can be successful at working in international corporations in areas such as trading, tourism, international development organizations, and foreign diplomacy.
Our faculty thoroughly supports our motivated students to make their dreams a reality with our English Communication minor, where our students will intensively study a high level of English. Our faculty strives to cultivate a work force with the ability to take global action in the changing world of political, economic and environmental issues, and who will possess the cultural accomplishments and communication skills to contribute to our international society. Students of our faculty will empirically and professionally undertake many international issues such as environmental problems, international conflicts and poverty, with an awareness of “coexistence in multicultural settings”.

Fuculty of International Studies
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