Foreign Languages

Faculty of Foreign Languages

Thoroughly cultivating high-level English skills to be successful in various situations such as the corporate world or the field of education.

The Faculty of Foreign Languages aims to nurture a work force that can utilize a high level of language proficiency. Our faculty encourages our students to be successful in all areas of society, such as using advanced degree of English communication skills in the world of international business, or engaging their linguistics ability and leadership skills in educational organizations. As a student of our faculty, we will strive for you to be able to study abroad, challenge yourself with certificate-oriented examinations, and improve your TOEIC® score. Our faculty supports students who are learning German or French, as well as English, enabling you to reach the level necessary to study in Germany or France. You will be provided with a unique curriculum in which you will engage in many classes with our native-speaker English teaching staff. Our faculty will support you to be successful in your employment after graduation; to go into further education at domestic or international graduate schools; and to take the opportunity to study abroad.

Fuculty of Foreign Languages
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