Hospitality Business Administration

Department of Hospitality Business Administration

Approaching hospitality industries such as the hotel, bridal, tourism, catering, and airline industries from a business administration point of view.

The Department of Hospitality Business Administration was the first of its kind among Japanese universities, where you can learn expertise in the hospitality fields. Hospitality Business Administration is an academic area in which we regard hospitality not simply as being hospitable, but look at it from the management point of view and look for ways to maximize business.
First, our students learn the basics of business administration, such as accounting, finance, and marketing, and also the basic structure of the industry. Then they will move on to intensively study the business sectors and professions that they aspire to work in after graduation.
The three elements our students learn at our department are management and operation skills, international sense, and communication skills. Our faculty members, who have been active in the front lines of the hospitality industry, will provide you with their hands-on experience; and our staff will provide their cutting edge information and know-how of the hospitality industry at our lectures and seminars.

Department of Hospitality Business Administration
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