2024 Entrance Ceremony Report

The 2024 entrance ceremony was conducted as follows.

Date Wednesday, 4 April 2024
Location OGU Gymnasium
Part 1, 10:00
Undergraduate Faculties of Commerce, Business Administration, Law
Graduate School Graduate Schools of Commerce, Law
Junior College Department of Business Administration
Part 2, 11:30
Undergraduate Faculties of Economics, Foreign Languages, International Studies, Informatics
Graduate School Graduate School of Economics

 University president Motoyasu Shirai spoke to the new students, telling them that university is a place where students can independently research their specialties and develop their intellectual, moral, and practical abilities; while also being a place of human development, where students can sharpen their intellect and gain knowledge. He also encouraged the students, saying "I sincerely hope that, as students, you all devote yourselves to your sports and studies, with enthusiasm, sensibility, and integrity as your guiding principles."
 Also addressing the students was OGU graduate and specially appointed professor Naoko Takahashi, a gold medalist at the 2000 Sydney Olympics and a recipient of the People's Honor Award, who is active in various fields, such as sports broadcasting. She told her juniors, excited to start a new phase in life, about her time as an athlete and encouraged them, saying "I wish you all the best as you take on various challenges to lead a fulfilling university life, while envisioning the 'you' you want to be four years from now. Good luck!"
 After the ceremony, the Freshman Welcome Committee played a central role in welcoming the new students in Sankun Hiroba and Pheonix Gardens along with students from the university's various clubs and societies. The campus was lively with food trucks and a photo space featuring the 3D OGU monument, where many families and new friends paused to capture memories.
 Hoping that the new students are able to lead a rewarding student life at OGU, the Student Alumni Association and the university itself presented them with Cafeteria Experience tickets and tote bags featuring an original design by the school store 'STANDSEVEN' respectively.

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