How to use Generative AI such as ChatGPT

Important notice to current students

Osaka Gakuin University hopes our students act with sincerity as a university student and try to improve their academic an human skills based on our founding principle: ""This institution embraces, as the ultimate goal of its education and research, the development of individuals of both practical ability and broad vision, that they may serve society at large and contribute to the peace and welfare of humankind."

The number of Generative AI users has been rapidly growing these days. We hope all students understand how to use it correctly. It will be effective to use for brainstorming and identifying problems in order to expand your horizons and improve how you think and act according to the situation.

If you copy the output of Generative AI as your own, it may hinder your learning. If the output includes direct quotations from publications, it may cause you plagiarism without intension. Additionally, typing in the information on Generative AI may cause you information leakage, so please do not enter confidential or personal information. In order to avoid trouble and danger, you must understand how to use the generative AI taking into its technical nature and risk.

Considering above, if your professor encourages and allows to use Generative AI in class, please follow his/her instructions to use it correctly. If you use t Generative AI to write your paper, you must indicate where you quoted from AI, clarify which AI and when you used it, and what prompts you wrote. When your professor prohibits to use Generative AI in any cases, you must definitely not use it.

How to use Generative AI in the university environment is subject to change in accordance with advance in technology and internal policy change in the future.

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