国際社会の中で独創性と実践力に富む人材を育成するべく、「英語学専攻」と「Global Studies専攻」を新たに開設。
「Global Studies専攻」では、英語で英語を学びながら、語学力を高め、英語の環境に積極的にチャレンジすることで、新たな学びを得られる専攻です。
We have newly established The English Studies course and The Global Studies course in order to nurture human resources with originality and practicality in the international community.
The English Studies course focuses on traditional English education, but also allows students to study other languages and gain multiple specialties.
The Global Studies course offers content-based English instruction and prepares students with relevant skills for a global society. In addition, this course enables students to broaden their perspectives, language skills, and other practical knowledge, such as discussion, presentation, and decision-making skills.
The latest information will be distributed on the university's official website as needed.

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