当初の期間  4月19日(月)から5月5日(水)
延長後の期間 4月19日(月)から5月11日(火)
再延長後の期間 4月19日(月)から5月31日(月)
再々延長後の期間 4月19日(月)から6月20日(日)

新型コロナウイルス感染症の拡大防止ならびに大阪府からの要請に基づく本学の対応について (4/15第1報、4/24第2報、5/8第3報)


感染リスクが高まる「5つの場面」(①飲酒を伴う懇親会 ②大人数や長時間におよぶ飲食 ③マスクなしでの会話 ④狭い空間での共同生活 ⑤居場所の切り替わり)を避けること。



大阪学院大学 大阪学院大学短期大学部 〒564-8511 大阪府吹田市岸部南二丁目36番1号

OGU's response to the State of Emergency Extension


Osaka Prefecture has decided to further extend the State of Emergency. We will extend our response period at OGU to June 20st to align with the extension to the State of Emergency. There will be no changes to the content of OGU's response regarding classes and extracurricular activities.

Initial Period : April 19th ~ May 5th
Extended Period : April 19th ~ May 11th
Extended Period : April 19th ~ May 31st
Extended Period : April 19th ~ June 20th

We urge students to take action to prevent the spread of infection:

Please refrain from going out unnecessary.
When going out is necessary, refrain from taking an unnecessary amount of time. Furthermore, refrain from traveling to or from areas where a state of emergency has been declared. In particular it is strongly discouraged from unnecessarily going out after 8pm.
Please refrain from eating in groups.
Avoid these 5 scenarios that are associated with high risk of infection. Please avoid:
1. Social gatherings with drinking.
2. Being in places of large numbers of people where eating and drinking occurs over a long time.
3. Conversing without masks.
4. Interacting in confined spaces.
5. Going to places outside of your usual habits.
Please be thorough to prevent infection.
To continue to help the efforts of preventing infectious diseases, please be sure to wear a mask, wash and disinfect your hands, maintain social distance, and avoid places that are confined, unventilated and are densely populated.
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