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Regarding partial changes to entry restrictions

2020/05/16 UPDATE

Due to the extension of the government's emergency declaration period and the request from Osaka Prefecture, OGU is restricting entry until Sunday May 31st, but with the cancellation of the closure request from Osaka Prefecture, some changes will be made to entrance restrictions and open some facilities.
Nevertheless, the extension of Japanese government's state of emergency declaration is still in effect, and as a general rule, we are continuing to restrict entrance to the university and strive to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infections. We kindly ask for your continued understanding and cooperation.
Please note that such measures may be changed at the request of the government in the future.

Regarding entrance to campus
As a rule, admission to campus will continue to be restricted until Sunday May 31st.
Students: In the case that is absolutely essential for you to enter campus, please fill in the required forms at the entrance gate and enter during the designated times.
Faculty: In the case that it is necessary to enter campus for the preparation or continuation of education or research, please fill in the required forms at the entrance gate before entering campus.

Regarding the opening of the library and computer rooms
Library: Limited to faculty, students and also Suita citizens who have a library card.
※Please see the library schedule for opening hours and dates.
Computer rooms: Please contact the Academic Affairs office or the Graduate School Administrative Office in advance and us the designate computer room.

Regarding the use of other facilities
All sports related facilities are closed and unavailable for use.

Regarding office related counter services
We are continuing to suspend counter services until Saturday May 30th.
During this period only telephone correspondence will be available. If the situation is urgent please use the contact information listed below.

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