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Regarding changes to entry restrictions in correspondence with the state of emergency being lifted

2020/05/22 UPDATE

   Up until this now the entry to the campus has been prohibited in principle, however taking into account the state of emergency being lifted on May 21st, we will be allowing certain facilities on campus to open for study and research purposes between the period from Monday May 25th until Thursday June 4th.
   That said, in order to continue to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infections we are still urging students and related parties to refrain from going out unnecessarily and without an urgent reason.

  1. Regarding entry to campus
    You may enter campus, however from Monday May 25th until Thursday June 4th entry is restricted and only the designated gates will be opened.
    Designate entrance points: Gate #1 and Gate #4
    ※It is also possible to enter buildings #1 and #2.
  2. Regarding the use of each facility
    Available facilities
    Facilities such as the library, the computer classrooms, the student research rooms, etc. may be used. However, the student cafeteria, sports facilities, I-Chat lounge and building #20 with continue to be unavailable for use.
    Available hours
    From Monday May 25th until Thursday June 4th the available hours of each facility will be limited to 10:00~16:00.
  3. Regarding office related counter services
    The office related counter service hours will be changed to the following:
    Period: Monday May 25th ~ Thursday June 4th
    Available hours: Monday ~ Saturday 10:00~16:00 ※Not open Sundays and National Foundation Day (June 2nd)

    Please keep the following points in mind when entering the facility in order to maintain the health of all students and faculty members and prevent infection. Regarding entry to campus:
    Please be thorough with your efforts to wear a mask and practice "cough etiquette", and please make sure to take your temperature daily.
    Please refrain from entering campus when you have a cold or cold-like symptoms.
    Please refrain from entering campus if you suspect that you may be ill or that you have had close contact with someone you suspect is ill.
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