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Treasure house of knowledge featuring 1,190,000 volumes and digitized search system

The Library is the center of university education and research. Today's advanced computerization has largely transformed the Library from a conventional facility with the simple functions of storing and lending books and references. At Osaka Gakuin University, the Library is positioned as an information center featuring the latest computer equipment that encourages independent learning.

The Library has three floors above ground and two basement floors, with 1,113 seats in total. It presently has about 1,190,000 volumes, its collection including a first-edition copy of The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith and many other valuable academic documents. Some of these rare books are on display in the rare book corner on the first floor.

The Library is rich in printed materials, as well as in other resources. The Media Station on the third floor constitutes a learning space mainly comprising audiovisual resources. Digital video materials are available in the video library. Needless to say, information on these resources can be quickly retrieved, thanks to the computerized search system. Lending procedures are also simplified, so that no time is lost in waiting, adding to learning efficiency.

The tranquil and spacious Library is indeed an ideal environment for intellectual activities.

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