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総長 白井 元康

Message from the President

Motoyasu Shirai

A warm and caring education for each and every student.

Our university traces its roots to 1940, when the first president of Osaka Gakuin University, Taneo Shirai, founded the Kansai Accounting Institute. This institute became the foundation for the Kansai Business College, the oldest accounting college in the Kansai region, which then led to the founding of Osaka Gakuin University.
“This institution, through education and research, aims to nurture individuals of practical ability and broad vision who can serve society as a whole, and contribute to the peace and welfare of humankind.” This is the founding principle and starting point of our institution and has been the most important part of our foundation, as well as the core of our development, for more than half a century.
The history of intense and vigorous study under this founding principle has allowed Osaka Gakuin University to grow into an institution that boasts 7 faculties, 8 departments, 5 graduate schools, and a junior college.
It is the mission of universities to cultivate individuals who have the ability to lead the next generation, while adapting to an ever-changing society, and this mission is becoming more and more important. Ever since its founding, our institution has always put effort into providing practical education and has steadily produced exceptional graduates who are able to become leaders in their respective industries. In a rapidly developing information-oriented society, business is becoming increasingly diversified, with an aging population and a declining birthrate. In such a rapidly changing society, our institution provides a unique curriculum and fulfilling programs, along with state-of-the-art facilities, to ensure that our students are able to keep up with the demands of the times.
It is our hope that through the rich and warm educational environment at our institution, each student will be able to nurture their dreams, and with clearly set goals, open the door to their future and flourish in society.

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