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Osaka Gakuin University Emblem

At the time of the University's founding, Founding President Taneo SHIRAI drew up a campus plan containing many Phoenix trees, a perennial of the palm family, in hope that the University's progress would be also perennial.
In 1980, taking over the Founder's vision, President Yoshiyasu SHIRAI designed this emblem on the motif of the Phoenix bird, symbolizing immortality. 。

Symbol mark

This relief, designed with the University's emblem at the center, was created by sculptor Toshihisa KAWAI (member of the Japan Artists' Association, Nihon Bijutsukai etc.) over a period of three years. Inspired by the University's Founding Principles, the relief represents "eternal progress (flight)."
The inscribed slogan "Logos and Pathos (reason and passion)" resonates with the ideals that President Yoshiyasu SHIRAI holds for the University's education.

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